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"Scott Bieser (born 1957) is an illustrator and writer of comics, and a former computer game animator. His credits for Interplay Productions include the Amiga version of Battle Chess, Chinese Battle Chess, Battle Chess 4000 (which he also produced), Total Recall (for the NES), Booger-Man, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek: The 25th Anniversary Game, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Star Trek: Starfleet Command, and M.A.X. 2. He produced several dozen editorial cartoons published on the web, appearing on such sites as The Libertarian Enterprise, RationalReview.Com, and KeepAndBearArms.Com. ..."

Web Sites

Quantum Vibe by Scott Bieser, published by Big Head Press
"A slightly mad sci-fi adventure, brought to you 5 days weekly"

Books Authored

The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel, by Scott Bieser, L. Neil Smith, Nov 2004
Electronic version available at