Television actor, winner of Emmy awards for "Night Court"

TV Shows

Night Court on, by John Larroquette
Aired 1984-1992 on NBC. John played Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding.
The John Larroquette Show on, by John Larroquette
Aired 1993-1996 on NBC

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25 Nov 1947, John Bernard Larroquette, in New Orleans, Louisiana

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John Larroquette - Libertarian
Advocates for Self-Government


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Clint Eastwood announces: I'm a "libertarian", Libertarian Party News, 18 Feb 1997
Libertarian Party press release based on Eastwood's response to a Playboy interview question: "How would you characterize yourself politically?"
"Eastwood joins a growing number of individuals in the entertainment industry who have identified themselves as libertarians. Included on that list are TV star John Laroquette, humorist Dave Barry, author P.J. O'Rourke, movie actor Russell Means, magician Jillette Penn, author Camille Paglia, TV reporter John Stossell, and comedian Dennis Miller."