New Zealander tennis player, coach to Ivan Lendl, 1983 Wimbledon finalist

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Chris Lewis - Libertarian
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Go Well, Chris Lewis!, by Lindsay Perigo, 24 Jul 2005
"He reeked of individualism. He was serious-minded, high-minded and single-minded to a fault. ... He had, in fact, literally slept on railway benches during his quest for tennis ascendancy. He had, as it turned out, read The Fountainhead as a youngster and been inspired by it for life. "


As The Sun Shows Itself at Dawn: A tribute to Maria Montessori, The Free Radical
"The reason the Montessori Method is so successful is that it is based on the true nature of Man. Dr Montessori did not have a preconceived theory of education into which she attempted to fit the child (unlike other educationalists such as John Dewey); she did not project a type of individual she wanted to create."
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Forced Funding vs Freedom, The Free Radical
"If ever there were a problem that desperately needs fixing, this is it - and I say that the government really should do something. It should get out of the economy and out of our lives as soon as possible. What would soon follow is such a massive flourishing of the gold medal-winning character virtues ..."
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