Twenty-fifth President of the United States


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"William McKinley (January 29, 1843 - September 14, 1901) was the 25th President of the United States. He was elected twice, in 1896 and 1900, but served only part of his second term, as he was assassinated in 1901. He is remembered for presiding over a major period of expansion in U.S. territories through conquest, which included the annexation of Cuba, the Philippines, and Wake Island following the Spanish-American War, as well as the annexation of the future U.S. State of Hawaii. He was succeeded by his Vice President, Theodore Roosevelt. ..."


Killing in the Name of Democracy, by James Bovard, Attention Deficit Democracy, 27 Jan 2006
Excerpt from the "Messianic Democracy" chapter, details various U.S. presidents' policies and actions from Wilson to Eisenhower
"McKinley also promised to 'Christianize' the Filipinos, as if he did not consider the large number of Filipino Catholics to be Christians. McKinley was devoted to forcibly spreading American values abroad at the same time that he championed high tariffs to stop Americans from buying foreign products."