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Trey Parker - The Advocates
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19 Oct 1969, Randolph Severn Parker III, in Conifer, Colorado


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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Satan, Randy Marsh, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey, and more
South Park, Creator, writer, director, producer, voices of Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh and others
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Director, screenwriter

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Trey Parker - The Advocates
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"When PBS's Charlie Rose asked Trey Parker pointblank on a September 26, 2005 show if he was a libertarian, the outspoken co-creator of South Park was uncharacteristically coy. 'It's possible,' Parker admitted. It's not that he was embarrassed about being a libertarian. It's just, Parker told the host, that the question was, well, 'It's like: Are you gay?' Then he laughed uproariously."


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South Park co-creator is a Libertarian, Libertarian Party News, May 2001
"... in an April 4 Los Angeles Times article, [Parker] described himself as a 'registered Libertarian.' ... In November 2000, the National Review complimented South Park for its 'extremely amusing libertarian-minded political commentary.'"
South Park Libertarians: Trey Parker and Matt Stone on liberals, conservatives, censorship, and religion., by Nick Gillespie, Jesse Walker, Reason, Dec 2006
Transcript of conversation with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, at Reason's Aug 2006 conference in Amsterdam
"Reason: Each of you at various points have called yourself libertarian. Is that an apt description? Parker: People started throwing that word around to describe us right around the second or third season. They would sit us down and go, 'So are you libertarian?' And I would always say, 'I don't know, am I? You've seen my stuff.' I still don't really know the answer to that question. I think I am, though."
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The Invisible Gnomes and the Invisible Hand: South Park and Libertarian Philosophy, by Paul Cantor, 4 Dec 2006
Includes detailed review and discussion of season 2 "Gnomes" episode
"The genius of Parker and Stone was to see that in our day a new frontier of comic transgression has opened up because of the phenomenon known as political correctness. ... Like Adam Smith, Parker and Stone are deeply suspicious of people who speak about the public good and condemn the private pursuit of profit."