18th century French Physiocrat economist, also trained in medicine


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"François Quesnay (June 4, 1694 - December 16, 1774) was a French economist of the Physiocratic school. He also practiced surgery. Quesnay was born at Merey, in today's Eure département, near Paris, the son of an advocate and small landed proprietor. Apprenticed at the age of sixteen to a surgeon, he soon went to Paris, studied medicine and surgery there, and, having qualified as a master-surgeon, settled down to practice at Mantes. ..."


4 Jun 1694, in Méré, France


16 Dec 1774, in Versailles, France


François Quesnay (1694-1774)
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Books Authored

Essai Physique Sur l'Œconomie Animale, 1736
French transcription of pages 349-373, of the third volume, second edition (1747)
Tableau Economique, 1758