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"Mark Thornton is an American economist who adheres to the principles of the Austrian school. Thornton received his B.S. from St. Bonaventure University (1982), and his Ph.D. from Auburn University (1989). Thornton has been described by the Advocates for Self-Government as 'one of America's experts on the economics of illegal drugs.' Thornton has written extensively on that topic, as well as on the economics of the American Civil War, and public finance. ..."


7 Jun 1960, in Geneva, New York


Research Fellow, Independent Institute
Senior Fellow, Mises Institute


Benjamin Anderson (1886-1949)
Ludwig von Mises Institute
The Origin of Economic Theory: A Portrait of Richard Cantillon (1680-1734), 3 Aug 2007
Examines the sections of Cantillon's Essai relating them to episodes in the author's life, then delving into several Austrian economics insights that can be found in the work
"It seems clear that Cantillon was an important influence on the development of Austrian economics, and that he can be considered a member of the Austrian School. ... Indeed, the origins of economic theory itself can be traced to Cantillon. William Stanley Jevons ... called the Essai ... the 'Cradle of Political Economy.'"


Mark Thornton Interview, by Mark Thornton, Scott Horton, The Weekend Interview Show with Scott Horton
Two audio interviews: 20 Nov 2004 and 14 May 2005

Books Authored

The Economics of Prohibition, Nov 1991
Related Topic: Prohibition


A Five Minute Tour of the Mises Institute, The Motorhome Diaries, 15 Jul 2009
Mark provides a tour and brief history of the institute to the Motorhome Diaries crew
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