Associate Professor of Economics at Santa Clara University


Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Writings, a project of The Independent Institute, by Independent Institute, Daniel B. Klein, Alexander Tabarrok
Sections include: history of drug regulation, the drug development and approval process, drug safety, theory and examples of FDA harm, reform options and alternative solutions
"Medical drugs and devices cannot be marketed in the United States unless the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants specific approval. We argue that FDA control over drugs and devices has large and often overlooked costs that almost certainly exceed the benefits. We believe that FDA regulation of the medical industry has suppressed and delayed new drugs and devices, and has increased costs, with a net result of more morbidity and mortality."
Related Topic: Health Care

Books Authored

Curb Rights: A Foundation for Free Enterprise in Urban Transit
    by Daniel B. Klein, Adrian T. Moore, Binyam Reja, 1997
Related Topic: Transportation
The Half-Life of Policy Rationales: How New Technology Affects Old Policy Issues
    by Daniel B. Klein (Editor), Fred E. Foldvary (Editor), Cato Institute, 2003
Contents: Metering, Excluding, and Charging: Technology, marine conservation, and fisheries management - Quality Assurance and Consumer Protection: Technology and the case for free banking - Natural Monopoly? - Other Areas of Policy
Related Topic: Technology
Three Libertarian Essays
    by Daniel B. Klein, Foundation for Economic Education, 1998
Contents: Go Ahead and Let Him Try: A Plea for Economic Laissez-Faire - Liberty, Dignity, and Responsibility: The Moral Triad of a Good Society - If Government is So Villainous How Come Government Officials Don't Seem Like Villains?
Related Topic: Libertarianism
What Do Economists Contribute?
    by Daniel B. Klein (Editor), Cato Institute, 1999
Partial contents: On the Role of Values in the Work of Economists - Economists and Public Policy - On the Decline of Authority of Economists - 'Realism' in Policy Espousal - How To Do Well While Doing Good! - The Common Weal and Economic Stories
Related Topic: Economists