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Howard Stern - The Advocates
Biography, picture and quotes
"Is 'shock jock' Howard Stern a libertarian? The answer depends on whether Stern's political comments over the years were sincere -- or were simply more material for his outrageous show. But let's take the self-proclaimed 'King of All Media' at his word: Stern has more than once -- both on the air and in print -- explicitly called himself a libertarian or made statements that were strongly libertarian in nature."


Internet Movie Database: Howard Stern
also biography, trivia and quotes


Libertarian Party: "Howard Stern is an entertainer", 24 Mar 1994
Libertarian Party release
Stern drops out: In early August, Howard Stern, the Libertarian Party's candidate for governor of New York, announced he was dropping out, Libertarian Party News, Sep 1994
Stern gets nomination: Radio talk show star Howard Stern, 40, won the Libertarian Party of New York's gubernatorial nomination on April 23, Libertarian Party News, Jun 1994
Who is this guy Howard Stern?, Libertarian Party News, May 1994
Privatize the Airwaves!, by Sheldon Richman, 26 Apr 2004
Cites several incidents of FCC attempts to enforce "broadcast decency standards" and questions the rationale for nationalized airwaves
"Another gap in the debate is the failure to question the status of the airwaves, or broadcast spectrum, as government property. ... just because we call them 'the public's airwaves,' it doesn't mean that's what they are. Anything said to be owned by the public is actually controlled by the government — politicians and bureaucrats. If you think you are a real part-owner of the airwaves, try selling your 'share.'"

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