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A Mission for Further Economic Ruin, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 24 Dec 2006
Related Topic: Inflation
"What Messrs. Paulson and Bernanke have been ... telling ... in effect, is '... we're actually going to print enough paper confetti dollars to increase the world's dollar supply by 10 percent a year. That's 10 percent inflation,' — rising prices are only a sign of inflation, remember, not its cause — 'which means a worker getting a 3 percent raise actually loses 7 percent of his buying power every year ...'"
A Very Inconvenient Document, 18 Sep 2006
Related Topic: Constitution of the United States
"Delineating and thereby limiting the powers of the central government is, in fact, the main function of the founding document. ... It would be wonderful to see the U.S. Constitution taught in the public schools. I will believe such a course of education is underway when someone can show me a list of study questions being presented to today's students, including ..."
Got Price-Fixed Milk?, 16 Dec 2006
Related Topic: Prices
"Under a 1937 law ... most American dairy farmers participate in a complex system of interlocking subsidies and protection measures that have the effect of keeping the free market from forcing the price of milk ... down. ... A recent study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture acknowledges federal 'dairy programs raise the retail price' of milk."
In Defense of Jury Nullification, 1 Aug 2005
Related Topics: Right to Trial by Jury, John Jay
"The most vital precedent in establishing trial by jury as a vital safeguard against state usurpation was the Bushell case ... in London in 1670 ... the English Court of Common Pleas finally came to their rescue, ruling that a jury could refuse to enforce a law if it offended their conscience or if they weren't allowed to read it for themselves ..."
Self-Interested Defenders of 'the Peculiar Institution', Las Vegas Review-Journal, 24 Mar 2007
Related Topics: Taxation, Compulsory Education
"... one cannot erect a moral justification for an immoral act by listing the good things you've done with your slave's labor or with the property you have stolen. Taking wealth from others against their will, under the threat of brute force, is immoral. If you doubt that's what 'taxation' is, try refusing to pay."
What Do You Call Someone Who Wants to Get Their Hands on Your 5-Year-Old?, 3 Feb 2007
Related Topics: Children, Compulsory Education
"No net gain for a price of millions: One would think that makes universal tax-funded kindergarten a non-starter. But parents will overwhelmingly enthuse over the prospect of getting someone else to fund their all-day child care a full year earlier, and the program will be adopted with much glee and celebration."
Why I Am Not a 'Conservative', 13 Jun 2006
Related Topics: Republican Party, Democratic Party
"But after the Republicans came surging back 20-odd years ago, vowing to close down the wasteful and counterproductive federal Departments of Energy and Education (it would have been a good start) — they did none of it. Never even tried. In 22 years they have repealed no significant infringement of the Second Amendment, closed no significant federal agency or program."

Books Authored

The Ballad of Carl Drega, Jun 2002
The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Resistance, 15 Apr 2005