Territory in northern Central America, ruled since 1982 by the República de Honduras


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"Honduras is a republic in Central America. It was at times referred to as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from British Honduras, which became the modern-day state of Belize. The country is bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca, and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea. ..."

Measures of Freedom

Honduras | Freedom House, Freedom in the World 2016: Anxious Dictators, Wavering Democracies: Global Freedom under Pressure
2016: Status: Partly Free, Aggregate Score: 45, Political Rights: 4, Civil Liberties: 4
"A major corruption scandal involving the Honduran Institute of Social Security (IHSS) rocked the country in 2015. The ruling National Party (PN) and President Juan Orlando Hernández allegedly benefited from the $300-million scandal that activists claimed resulted in as many as 3,000 patient deaths. Protesters, collectively referred to as the Indignados (the Outraged), held weekly marches demanding the president's resignation and the establishment of an international anti-impunity body."
Human Freedom Index, The Human Freedom Index 2016: A Global Measurement of Personal, Civil, and Economic Freedom
2014: 6.53, Rank: 101, Personal Freedom: 5.83, Economic Freedom: 7.24, Democracy Index: 5.68
Level of Economic Freedom, Economic Freedom of the World: 2016 Annual Report
2014: 7.24, Rank: 64