Restricting government to its proper functions, defined by law


Forced Funding vs Freedom, by Chris Lewis, The Free Radical
"If ever there were a problem that desperately needs fixing, this is it - and I say that the government really should do something. It should get out of the economy and out of our lives as soon as possible. What would soon follow is such a massive flourishing of the gold medal-winning character virtues ..."
Individual Liberty and Limited Government: Walter E. Williams and The Spirit Of George Mason [PDF], by Walter E. Williams, 24 May 1993
Related Topic: Individual Liberty
The Frank M. Engle Lecture 1993, The American College
In Search of a Word : Limited Government versus 'Anarchy', by Spencer H. MacCallum, The Voluntaryist, Oct 1996
Related Topics: Floyd A. 'Baldy' Harper, Jacob G. Hornberger
Limited Government--A Moral Issue, by C.W. Anderson, Feb 1992
UpdThe Delusion of Limited Government, by Butler Shaffer, 14 May 2002
The Myth of "Limited Government", by Joseph Sobran, 20 Dec 2001
The Roots of Limited Government, by Alan Barth, Feb 1991
Bureaucracy and the Civil Service in the United States, by Murray N. Rothbard, Journal of Libertarian Studies, 1995
Related Topics: Bureaucracy, John Adams, Founding Fathers, Government, Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Johnson, John Marshall, Richard M. Nixon, Parkinson's Law, Pennsylvania, Political Parties, Spoils System, Martin Van Buren, Voting, George Washington
"The program of at least the dominant libertarian-republican wing of the Founding Fathers consisted of ultra-minimal government: ... generally binding down governmental Power with chains of iron, and watching government like a hawk and with vigilance and deep suspicion, lest it resume its natural tendencies and extend Power beyond its strictest bounds."
Objectivism and the State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand, by Roy A. Childs, Jr., Individualist, Aug 1969
Related Topic: Ayn Rand
Published by the Society for Individual Liberty; responds to five of Rand's arguments in her essay "The Nature of Government"
"It is my contention that limited government is a floating abstraction which has never been concretized by anyone; that a limited government must either initiate force or cease being a government; that the very concept of limited government is an unsuccessful attempt to integrate two mutually contradictory elements: statism and voluntarism."
Why Limited Representative Government Fails, by Michael S. Rozeff, 17 Apr 2008
Related Topics: Government, The State, Voting
Presents a four-element theory of why limited representative government fails
"Once we accept the premise of government, even if it be limited government, we tend to follow out the implication of having others govern us, which is that more government is desirable. The two concepts, limited and government, logically conflict with one another. ... This conflict between limited government and simply government has evidently been resolved in favor of dropping the limited part in favor of the government part."

Cartoons and Comic Strips

Aren't You Thankful You Voted For the Party of Limited Government?, by Chuck Asay, 16 Apr 2004
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Leviathan: The Growth of Local Government and the Erosion of Liberty
    by Clint Bolick, 2004
More Liberty Means Less Government: Our Founders Knew This Well
    by Walter E. Williams, 1999


Is Limited Government an Oxymoron?, by Doug Casey, McCuistion TV, 18 Oct 2009
Dennis McCuistion interviews Doug Casey and Thomas E. Woods, Jr., on their views about the role of government

Sympathy for the Minarchist..., by Stefan Molyneux, 11 May 2009
Questions for minarchists set to the tune of the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil"