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Modern liberals argue that their proposed policies are "compassionate", and contrast them with the "uncaring" policies of the conservatives. In fact, in order to get elected, President George W. Bush claimed that he was a "compassionate conservative." But are modern liberal or conservative policies really compassionate? Do they really help the poor, the disadvantaged and the needy?

Take for example, minimum wage laws. Do they really help those seeking employment by ensuring they receive a "fair" wage for their labor? Or do they cause unemployment among the less skilled workers? Consider what would happen without those laws: more of those workers would be hired, albeit initially at a lower rate than what you deem is the bare "mimimum." Are the laws more compassionate, because they force employers to pay that minimum, or is freedom of employment more compassionate, which allows employers and employees to negotiate a wage rate agreeable to both?

There are several other areas where laws or government interference work to the detriment of less well-off individuals and to the advantage of more prosperous individuals or groups, even though the laws or regulations are promoted as being compassionate.

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