Geographical locations
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    • United States - Territory in central and northwest North America, ruled since 1788 by the United States of America

    By Location

    • Africa - Second largest continent, population about 1.1 billion.
    • America, North - Continent occupying the northern part of the Western Hemisphere
    • Americas - The combined continents of North and South America
    • America, South - Continent occupying the Western Hemisphere south of the Isthmus of Panama
    • Asia - By convention, the largest and most populous continent
    • Atlantic Ocean - Second largest ocean, which separates the Americas from Europe and Africa
    • Australia - The smallest continent, its territory is ruled since 1942 by the Monarchy of Australia
    • Eurasia - The geographical continent encompassing Europe and Asia
    • Europe - By convention, a continent comprising the westernmost area of Eurasia
    • Indian Ocean - Third largest ocean, extending between Africa and Australia
    • Oceania - The Australian continent and nearby islands in the central and south Pacific Ocean
    • Pacific Ocean - The largest and deepest ocean, which separates Asia and Australia from the Americas