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Where Can You Find Freedom Today? aims to develop an extensive online reference on the topics of freedom and liberty, human life and rational thought, and the economic, legal, political and other aspects conducive to freedom. We hope to make it easy for friends of liberty to find everything about a particular topic that interests them, pre-researched for quality, in a few clicks through the site.

Originally, the goal was to develop the most extensive reference on these topics, but later we decided to focus on a select group of individuals, organizations, places and works. The set may change as we move forward, but you can visit Our Heritage of Freedom page for the current list.

For more information on how this site came into being, please click here.

How to Use the Site

You can search under a particular category, for example, Liberty. In the main page for that category you'll see a list of key topics such as Bill of Rights or Limited Government. You can then drill down by clicking on a topic, such as the Bill of Rights to see further topics related to that, or you can click on a letter in the "Topics index" list to see all topics that start with that letter. This allows you to quickly zero in on a given topic. For example, if you were looking for Bastiat, you'd click "Individuals" on the main page, then click on "B" under "Individuals index" and finally on "Bastiat, Frédéric" to get to the page devoted to him.

When browsing through a page, you will typically find a short summary of each relevant work (article, web page, book, film, etc.), a quotation from the work (if applicable) and a list of links to related pages. Clicking a "Related Topics" link will take you to another subject page and possibly another quotation. On a browser with a pointing device, the quotation becomes visible as the cursor hovers over the entry. On a touchscreen, you need to tap on the entry to view the quotation.

In addition, you can use the Search box at the top of each page to find Freedom Circle pages or relevant works (essays, books, web pages, etc.), by entering a keyword(s) and clicking on the Search button. This will bring up a list of pages (Topics) containing those words in the name or description, and a list of works ((Results) that contain those words in the title, author, descriptive summary or quotation. Clicking on the result titles (second line of each result) will take you to the subject page (first line of the result) and placed at or close to the target work.

Some sections, for example, FreedomPedia or Individuals, have featured articles or topics. In addition, the Explore section can help you select areas of interest for further study.

Content Licensing

Unless otherwise noted, the content of is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Note that many of the links in the subject pages include short quotations from the target sites. These quotes are made under the concept of "fair use" as a book or other review would quote sections of the literature in question. If you should choose to adapt the content of such a page, you should (a) not modify such quotations or (b) refer to the original site to select another short, suitable quote, unless the original site allows adaptation of its content.

When distributing the content of, please provide a hyperlink, preferably to the page or pages you are copying or to the home page. Please refrain from using the Freedom Circle logo as part of your content.

About the Freedom Circle Logo

The Freedom Circle logo consists of three symbols of liberty on a light blue ring. The symbols are the Statue of Liberty on the lower left quadrant, the Phrygian or liberty cap used by freed Roman slaves and French revolutionaries on the upper left, and the Liberty Bell on the upper right. On the lower right is the inscription "Freedom Circle" (or the letters F and C in the iconized form). The word "Freedom" is in a Parchment or Old English Text font (depending on resolution), signifying the traditions of liberty of the United States Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution and the Magna Carta. The word "Circle" is in a modern, slanted sans-serif font, signifying the progress and prosperity that result from limited government and individual freedom.

How You Can Help

Needless to say, if you find the information in the site useful, please spread the word by referring friends and others to Some pages include social media buttons to facilitate sharing. Naturally, if you purchase books, videos or other products and services linked from our pages, you also help fund further work on the site. As an Amazon associate, Freedom Circle earns from qualifying purchases.

If you'd like to see a subject covered on the site, or if you'd like to suggest additional links or information under an existing topic, please use the Contact Us page to communicate your suggestion.

If you have a passion for freedom or other related topics and would like to participate in a more active role in building this website and thus help spread the message contained in these pages and those we link to, we encourage you to contact us for more information. Please understand that currently all work is done on a volunteer basis. If you have special skills or interests, be sure to mention them in your message.

Contacting Us

To communicate with about any other matters, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page.

Technical Information

Freedom Circle is currently hosted by NDC Host. It is served by an Nginx HTTP server, running on Debian GNU/Linux. The data is maintained in a PostgreSQL database and the source pages are written using Go.

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