Formal or informal associations of human beings, usually in pursuit of some common goal
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    • Acton Institute - Promotes a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty
    • Liberty International - Formerly International Society for Individual Liberty, "advances world liberty for everyone through international education and networking"
    • Students for Liberty - Worldwide network of pro-liberty students and student organizations

    By Type

    • Educational Organizations - Groups and other organizations whose primary aim is to teach, instruct or otherwise inform individuals or the public in general about one or more subjects
    • Libertarian Associations - Clubs, associations and other non-political organizations aimed at spreading libertarianism
    • Policy Institutes - Organizations that conduct research on social, economic, political or other issues, publishing their findings to influence government policies
    • Political Parties - Groups of individuals that organize to gain control of governments at a national or other level, usually by election of candidates for government offices
    • Society - Grouping of individuals interacting with each other
    • Student Organizations - Groups organized in or across schools, colleges or universities to pursue social, political or other goals or advocate policies in educational or external institutions
    • Universities and colleges - Institutions of higher (tertiary) education