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Adams (b. 1930) is an independent scholar and tax consultant. He's the author of Fight, Flight and Fraud: The Story of Taxation (1982), For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization (1993) and Those Dirty Rotten Taxes: The Tax Revolts that Built America (1998). These books offer amusing stories about the greed of governments, and there are many inspiring stories about rebels who outwitted their tormenters.


Cato Institute, Adjunct scholar (1996-1998)
Mises Institute, Adjunct Scholar (-2012)


The Real DiLorenzo: A 'Southern Partisan' Interview, by Thomas DiLorenzo, 17 Jun 2004
Interview by Southern Partisan magazine, about DiLorenzo's The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War (2002)
Charles Adams has a new [book] that he's finishing up on European opinions of the War. It's probably a greatly revised version of The Glittering Illusion. He's been researching this for a couple years now. I just spoke with him a couple of weeks ago. His reasoning is: Americans won't believe Southern newspapers about what was going on, and pro-South Northern newspapers were censored or shut down. It's very interesting to find out what the British and other Europeans were saying. He's found a real gold mine of material about the European views of the War. This sounds like it's going to be a really good book.


"Bad Money Drives Out Good", Future of Freedom, Dec 2003
Explains Gresham's Law, recounting how Queen Elizabeth I restored pure silver coinage, how the Romans debased the Greek silver drachma and how Swiss bankers bought gold from the U.S. Treasury in the early 1970s
This is what has been called Gresham’s Law. It was formulated by Sir Thomas Gresham to explain to Queen Elizabeth I what was happening to the English shilling. Her father, Henry VIII, had been adulterating the English shilling, the basic coin of the realm, by replacing 40 percent of the silver in the coin with base metals ... Right now, the Swiss have made a bundle on the monetary antics of the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve. Well, at least Henry VIII would be proud of U.S. officials, and his wise daughter Elizabeth would be shaking her head in disbelief that anyone could be so dumb.
The Future of an Illusion: Kerry's Tax Policy, 21 Sep 2004
Discusses presidential candidate John Kerry's proposal to tax "the rich" and provides several historical examples of how the wealthy avoid being affected by higher rates
One of Sigmund Freud's most interesting books was entitled The Future of an Illusion. Freud was talking about the illusion the infant has about its parents, who seemed to be so all-powerful. That unique title seems to fit John Kerry and the Democratic Party's call for increased taxes on those earning over $200,000, and thereby raise new revenues for the government to spend – in reality, that is an illusion ... If ABC's George Stephanopolous had known his tax history, he could have nailed Kerry on his planned soak the rich tax strategy and left the Democrats scampering for some way out of this political folly.
Lincoln's Presidential Warrant to Arrest Chief Justice Roger B. Taney: 'A Great Crime' or a Fabrication?, 5 Jan 2004
Examines the evidence that Lincoln signed a warrant to arrest Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney
Frederick S. Calhoun, the Chief Historian for the United States Marshal's Service, ... recently wrote a 200 year history of Federal Marshals, entitled, The Lawmen: United States Marshals and their Deputies, 1789–1989 ... This ... gives a detailed account of an arrest warrant, signed by President Abraham Lincoln ... to arrest the Chief Justice of the United States, Roger B. Taney ... And so the case stands, the Presidential warrant to arrest the Chief Justice is on solid ground. It represents just one more tough nut the apologists and gate keepers have to live with; it cannot be swept under the rug, so to speak, as a fabrication.
The Rocky Road of American Taxation, Mises Daily, 15 Apr 2006
Adapted from the author's For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization; examines tax resistance in colonial America up to the Jefferson presidency
No modern revolution was deeper rooted in taxation than the revolt of the Thirteen Colonies in British North America. British taxation not only caused the revolution, but perhaps most important, it acted as a unifying force in the colonies. The once disorganized and squabbling colonies rallied around the cause of taxation without consent, took up arms against the British ... We can now put in historical context Jefferson's comment that it was good medicine for government to have a rebellion every twenty years or so. In the course of his lifetime there had been almost a dozen rebellions he was acutely aware of.
What Nat King Cole Would Have Told Martha Stewart, 12 Mar 2004
Comments on the Martha Stewart insider trading case and, based on the advice of Nat King Cole's lawyer, counsels celebrities and others on never talking to government agents
Nat King Cole was unquestionably one of the best, if not the best, crooners of his day. The unique record shape of the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood, has been called, the 'House that Cole Built.' He was financially successful, ranking with the richest in Hollywood. His complicated financial affairs, as might be expected, caught the attention of the federal government at times. ... The current law is fuzzy when people in Martha's non-insider position act on a stock-tip. Finally, when the victorious prosecutor spoke to the media on the courthouse steps, he said the case was all about lies. He was only half right ...
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Books Authored

Fight, Flight and Fraud: The Story of Taxation, 1982
Related Topic: Taxation
For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization, 1993
Partial contents: Taxes: What They Are and Where They Began - The Kaleidoscopic Romans - Russia, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany - The Ancien Regime - After Magna Carta - The Rocky Road of Early American Taxation - The Monster That Laid the Golden Egg
Related Topic: Taxation
Those Dirty Rotten Taxes: The Tax Revolts that Built America, 1998
Contents: The Tyranny of British Taxation, 1764-1776 - The Tyranny of Federalist Taxes, 1791-1799 - The Tyranny of the Tariff, 1828-1861 - The Tyranny of the Revenuers, 1865-1900 - The Tyranny of the Income Tax, 1913-199?
Related Topic: Taxation
When in the Course of Human Events: Arguing the Case for Southern Secession, 2000
Partial contents: The Dangerous Road to Secession - Lincoln Crosses the Rubicon - Whose War Was It, Anyway? - British Scholars Speak - A Just War? - The Peacemakers - The Trial of the Century That Never Was - Reflections: Healing the Breach