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"Adams (b. 1930) is an independent scholar and tax consultant. He's the author of Fight, Flight and Fraud: The Story of Taxation (1982), For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization (1993) and Those Dirty Rotten Taxes: The Tax Revolts that Built America (1998)."


Cato Institute, Adjunct scholar (1996-1998)
Mises Institute, Adjunct Scholar (-2012)


"Bad Money Drives Out Good", Future of Freedom, Dec 2003
Explains Gresham's Law, recounting how Queen Elizabeth I restored pure silver coinage and how the Romans debased the Greek silver drachma
"It was formulated by Sir Thomas Gresham to explain to Queen Elizabeth I what was happening to the English shilling. ... Henry VIII, had been adulterating the English shilling ... by replacing 40 percent of the silver in the coin with base metals ... Of course it was discovered and this 'bad money' drove out the pure silver shillings then in circulation. "
Related Topics: Gold Standard, Money
Lincoln's Presidential Warrant to Arrest Chief Justice Roger B. Taney: 'A Great Crime' or a Fabrication?, 5 Jan 2004
Examines the evidence that Lincoln signed a warrant to arrest Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney
"... during those chaotic first months of the Civil War, it would not have been so unthinkable to arrest and silence Taney. The military arrested people in all walks of life. ... Lincoln expressed that policy to a Chicago clergyman: 'As commander in chief of the army and navy, in time of war, I suppose I have a right to take any measure which may best subdue the enemy.'"
The Future of an Illusion: Kerry's Tax Policy, 21 Sep 2004
Discusses presidential candidate John Kerry's proposal to tax "the rich" and provides historical examples of how the wealthy avoid being affected by higher rates
"The middle classes have always been the only dependable source for taxes. ... A government cannot force a wealthy taxpayer to work if the taxpayer finds the tax rates personally intolerable ... if Kerry's sock the rich tax policy becomes law, we can predict with certainty, that most of these taxpayers will disappear ..."
Related Topics: Ronald Reagan, Taxation
The Rocky Road of American Taxation, Mises Daily, 15 Apr 2006
Adapted from the author's For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization
"No modern revolution was deeper rooted in taxation than the revolt of the Thirteen Colonies ... British taxation not only caused the revolution, but perhaps most important, it acted as a unifying force in the colonies. ... The American independence movement ... began in 1766 when colonial leaders met to protest British taxes under the Stamp Act."
What Nat King Cole Would Have Told Martha Stewart, 12 Mar 2004
Comments on the Martha Stewart insider trading case and counsels on the advisability of never talking to government agents
"[Nat King Cole's] attorney instructed him to tell the feds, if they contacted him: 'I will sing for you, but if you want to talk, you will have to talk with my attorney.' ... Martha could have told the feds, 'I will bake you a pie.'"

Books Authored

Fight, Flight and Fraud: The Story of Taxation, 1982
Related Topic: Taxation
For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization, 1993
Related Topic: Taxation
Those Dirty Rotten Taxes: The Tax Revolts that Built America, 1998
Related Topic: Taxation
When in the Course of Human Events: Arguing the Case for Southern Secession, 2000