Artists who create humorous, satirical or informative drawings
  • Bagge, Peter - American cartoonist, creator of the comic book series Hate
  • Baloo@ - Pen name of cartoonist Rex May
  • Bieser, Scott - American comics illustrator and writer
  • May, Rex F. - Political cartoonist, pen-name: Baloo
  • Pope, Paul - American cartoonist and graphic novelist
  • Slampyak, Ted - Comic strip artist, creator of the Jazz Age Chronicles, currently drawing the "Annie" strip


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"A cartoonist is an artist who specializes in drawing cartoons. The term can also be applied to those who produce comic books, anime, manga, as well as comic strip creators and those working in animation. Those artists whose work is said to have a "cartoony" style are also called cartoonists. ..."