Libertarian speechwriter and fundraiser, 2002 U.S. Senate candidate from Massachusetts


1 Jan 1951, Michael Emerling, in United States


The People Behind The Center For Small Government
"Michael Cloud is President and Co-founder of the Center For Small Government. He also co-founded the Massachusetts End the Income Tax ballot initiatives with Carla Howell, serving as spokesperson, primary fund-raiser and Communications Director. In 2002 Michael Cloud ran for US Senate against 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, winning 19% of the vote — the highest vote for a Libertarian US Senate candidate ever."


Board of Advisors, Advocates for Self-Government
President, co-founder, Center for Small Government

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"Michael Cloud is Co-Founder of the Committee for Small Government, sponsor of the Small Government Act to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts. ... Michael Cloud has delivered 2 Nationally Televised Speeches on C-SPAN TV: 'Be Unreasonable,' the Keynote Speech for the 1998 Libertarian National Convention. 'Personal Responsibility is the Price of Liberty,' a Showcase Speech for the 2000 Libertarian Presidential Nominating Convention."

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Michael Cloud
The Advocates for Self Government


Be "unreasonable" if you want victory, urges Michael Cloud in keynote address, Libertarian Party News, Aug 1998
Review and commentary of the keynote speech to the Libertarian National Convention
"Using an example from recent history, Cloud asked the crowd to imagine the reaction if Republicans had told Rosa Parks that they had a 10-year plan to integrate the bus system, and that each year she would be allowed to move one row nearer to the front. ... Remember, he urged: So-called 'reasonable men gave us the War on Drugs, the IRS, and public schools, while at one time, the ideas of abolishing slavery, allowing women to vote, and respecting the civil rights of minorities were considered unreasonable.'"


Declaration of Michael Cloud, 4 Dec 2002
In Congressman Ron Paul, et al., Plaintiffs, v. Federal Election Commission, et al., Defendants
"I am a plaintiff in this action because I am an aggrieved candidate for federal office, being the Libertarian Party's candidate for the United States Senate from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the 2002 election that will be held this November. I am the only challenger in this election facing an incumbent member of the Democrat Party, who enjoys not only the advantage of affiliation with his well-funded 'major' party whose vast resources are not threatened by complying with federal election laws, but also the benefit of the selective attention of commercial media corporations."
Persuasion Power Point #202: Are Government Failures the Result of the Wrong People Running It?, The Liberator Online, 11 May 2006
Examines the excuses given for the failure of government programs and whether the outcomes would be different if the "right" people were in charge
"... Big Government programs repeatedly fail. Why? Their defenders respond: ... because the wrong people are in charge. ... What if it's the nature of government itself that causes the problems? What if it's a design characteristic of government itself that causes the problems -- and makes them unavoidable and unfixable?"
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Michael Cloud at the Libertarian National Convention 2012, 3 May 2012
Keynote speech, starting with tribute to Harry Browne's "Government Doesn't Work"
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