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The Internet and the End of Monetary Sovereignty, by Bill Frezza, The Future of Money in the Information Age, 1997
Considers how cyberspace promises of privacy and anonymity may lead to new monetary institutions and "a practical realization of laissez-faire capitalism" as advocated by Ayn Rand
"It is possible, then, that a referent to external physical commodities or existing fiat currencies may not always be necessary to establish the value of money within cyberspace. While a self-supporting cyberspace currency may be impractical today, the possibility of achieving independence from external referents will certainly increase as the portion of the world's wealth that exists in cyberspace grows."
The Role of Venture Capital: Turning Science into Money, by Bill Frezza, MRS Bulletin, Aug 2002
"In general, venture capitalists look at hundreds of business plans for every one that they finance, so getting their attention is an exercise in itself. ... Start early and be prepared to be turned down many times before you get a nibble. Do your homework and understand the strategy and prior investments of a target venture capitalist before you make your approach."
Related Topic: Entrepreneurship
The Yin Yang of Value Creation and Value Capture, by Bill Frezza, 18 May 2009
Contrasts collectivist vs. laissez-faire ideologues and their views on the relationship between value creation and capture
"A scientist can create enormous value by publishing a breakthrough paper even if he never captures a penny of it. ... A risk-taking entrepreneur can both create and capture value by bringing a new product or service to market, charging willing customers top dollar. Take away a shot at riches and the entrepreneur decamps to another clime."
Related Topics: Entrepreneurship, Taxation