Professor of Economics and Finance at Golden Gate University
1982 U.S. Senate candidate, California


9 Feb 1947, in Oakland, California


3 Mar 2003, in San Francisco, California


In Memoriam: Joseph Fuhrig, Ph.D., "Traveling Capitalist", 1947-2003
Advocates for Self-Government
Joseph Fuhrig
The Independent Institute
Obituary - Brian Fuhrig - Class of 1964, 26 Mar 2003
Oakland High School

Awards Received

The Sons of Liberty Award, granted by Libertarian Party of California, 1983
1982 U.S. Senate candidate


Board of Directors member, 1985-2003, Advocates for Self-Government
Summer seminar instructor, Independent Institute


Total Victory: How Sweet It Is! [PDF], by Murray Rothbard, The Libertarian Forum, 1983
Lengthy account and commentary on the 1983 Libertarian Party presidential convention
"Radicalism was a powerful force at this convention, among RC members and numerous sympathizers. How powerful may by gauged by the fact that Joe Fuhrig, the RC candidate for Vice-president, received 61 votes on the first ballot on Sunday and 91 votes on the second."