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Rational Review Archive, January-July 2003: T.L. Knapp
Thomas Knapp Archive, Strike The Root
Sept 2002-June 2003


Conventional unwisdom: The Life of the Party, part 19, Rational Review, 1 Jun 2004
"A group of Young Turks in the LP ... deserve to be congratulated. They took on the LP 'establishment;' they took on the conventional wisdom; and they won. ... The LP's future, if it has one, lies precisely with those Americans who sense a need for a radical, in your face, 'well, Bob, fuck the conventional wisdom' alternative. ... Frankly, I think that Badnarik will surprise everyone."
David Nolan: An Appreciation, 25 Nov 2010
A memorial tribute to Nolan, his chart and his involvement with the libertarian movement
"The great project of David Nolan's public life was bringing libertarians together, and bring them together he did — ultimately, in one way or another, by the millions. ... From the LP's beginnings ... Nolan urged his party to maintain a distinctively libertarian identity and to treat elections as opportunities to educate and propagandize, not as ends in themselves."
The life of the Party: An introduction, part one, Rational Review, 23 Jan 2003
Describes three possible routes for the LP to have its policy prescriptions implemented and proposes a series of articles, by the author and others, outlining their visions for the party's success
"It's the stuff of folklore: in December of 1971, a few people got together in David F. Nolan's Denver apartment and founded a new political party. ... More than three decades into its existence, the LP has yet to define itself ... Randites, Rothbardians, anarchists, minarchists, single issue enthusiasts and advocates of various syntheses compete for the attention of Libertarians and for control of the Party's apparatus, such as it is."
Related Topic: Libertarian Party
The LP's multiple personality disorder: The Life of the Party, part two, 30 Jan 2003
Describes three political party strategies (electoral, ideological and revolutionary) and suggests that, in view of its size, the LP should decide on only one of these approaches
"An electoral party strategy is centered around winning elections ... An ideological party strategy is centered around rigorous adherence to principle and refusal to sacrifice goals for electoral gain. ... The LP's current platform is consistent with that of an ideological party. ... An electoral party would eschew ['educational' and 'spoiler'] campaigns for the most part, concentrating instead on winnable elections, most of which, for the nonce, are to local and lower-level office."
Related Topics: Libertarian Party, Socialism
The schism organism: The Life of the Party, part three, Rational Review, 19 Feb 2003
"Jacob G. 'Bumper' Hornberger has had a well-deserved reputation as one of the LP's most fiery and charismatic activists ... former LP chair Jim Lark, ... has done yeoman's work in building student libertarian activism ... It was only the absolute dedication of these two to liberty that prevented complete schism in the LPVA."
Related Topics: Jacob Hornberger, Jim Lark


Tom Knapp Interview, by Thomas L. Knapp, Scott Horton, The Weekend Interview Show with Scott Horton
Two audio interviews: 9 Oct 2004 and 8 Jan 2005


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