Computer programmer, inventor, IT consultant, candidate for Pennsylvania Governor
Speaker, 2004 Libertarian National Convention


Meet Ken - Ken Krawchuk Libertarian for PA Governor!
"Ken Krawchuk, 64, was born and raised in the Feltonville section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Roberta have lived in Abington since 1981, a Philadelphia suburb, and have three daughters and three grandchildren (so far). Mr. Krawchuk is an avid whitewater canoeist, year-round backpacker, and railroad enthusiast. ... His first novel, Atlas Snubbed, is a pastiche parody sequel to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. It presents, as fiction, a new political concept: The Separation of Society and State, which is the central theme of the Krawchuk campaign."


Who's who in today's state elections: Ken Krawchuk, Libertarian, The Daily Collegian, 5 Nov 2002