Libertarian National Committee Chair 2000-2002, college campus organizer
Speaker, 2004 Libertarian National Convention

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Board of Directors Member, October 2003- ; Chair of the Board of Directors, May 2009-, Advocates for Self-Government
Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, 2000-2002, Libertarian Party
Board of Advisors, Students for Liberty


Jim Lark: Why I'm running for LP National Chair, Libertarian Party News, Jun 2000
The schism organism: The Life of the Party, part three, by Thomas L. Knapp, Rational Review, 19 Feb 2003
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Civil Society: Prepared Remarks of James W. Lark, III, at Bill of Rights Day Celebration, 6 Dec 2003
"Unfortunately, from the moment the Bill of Rights was ratified it has been under attack. In some cases, the attacks on our liberty have been overt and blatant. However, much more frequently the attacks are barely visible and subtle, and are launched not by people of ill will but rather by people who are well-intentioned."