Prestidigitators and illusionists
  • Jillette, Penn - Taller, louder half of Penn and Teller magician duo
  • Teller - Shorter, quieter half of Penn and Teller magician duo


List of magicians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"This is a list of magicians, illusionists, escapologists, and other practitioners of stage magic. For a list of witches, wizards, and other practitioners of paranormal magic, see: List of occultists. Magicians are listed by the most common name used in performance. Magicians' actual names, when applicable, follow in parentheses. ..."
Magician - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The term magician can refer to a practitioner of either paranormal magic or illusionism. In most cases there is little to differentiate a magician from similar fictional and folkloric practitioners of magic such as an enchanter, a wizard, a sorcerer, a necromancer, or a thaumaturgist. ..."