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"Anti-War" Poseurs: All Whine, No Spine, RealClearPolitics, 23 Nov 2005
Criticises liberal Democratic politicians to stand up against the neoconservative arguments that eventually led to the 2003 invasion of Iraq
"Weapons of mass destruction was always a marketing ploy, as admitted to by Paul Wolfowitz, one of the architects of the madness ... Playing on homeland insecurity, the neo-cons ... succeeded in getting the pre-emptive ('we're powerful and can do anything we damn well please') war they so badly wanted. Meanwhile, the actual bad guy who orchestrated 9/11 is still hiding in a cave somewhere thats not Iraq."
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Rebuilding the Democratic Party brand - Back to the future with a return to liberalism's Jeffersonian roots [PDF], The Washington Examiner, 9 Feb 2005
"Born in the agrarian era of its founder, Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic Party's original story was of a small central government serving self-sufficient 'little people' ..., prizing and preserving individual liberty -- juxtaposed against the elitist federalists, and their monarchical, big central government ambition."
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The non-debate on the war, The Washington Times, 25 Aug 2005
Criticises the media for its lack of discussion about ending the 2003 Iraq War
"But how can mainstream journalism now be excused for quarantining stop-it-now voices from outside official Washington, after justification for the war has shifted from: 1) eliminating weapons of mass destruction, which didn't exist; 2) getting rid of a brutal dictator, who was a secularist thug, not an associate of Osama bin Laden; 3) spreading democracy ... 4) fighting Islamic terrorists, who need the United States in Iraq, not out, as their bete noir for recruiting more terrorists."
Related Topics: Iraq War (2003), Vietnam War