Broadcast radio talk show, DJ and other hosts
  • Bell, Art - Original host of syndicated all-night radio show "Coast to Coast AM"
  • Boortz, Neal - Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, political commentator and author
  • Brudnoy, David - Host of "The David Brudnoy Show" on WBZ NewsRadio 1030
  • Burns, Gene - Host of "The Gene Burns Program" radio show
  • Demento, Dr. - Radio DJ, hosts two-hours of "mad music and crazy comedy"
  • Elder, Larry - Talk radio host, "The Sage from South Central", syndicated columnist
  • Foudy, Michael - Host of "America The Beautiful" and co-host of "Newsmaker" radio talk shows
  • Muller, Erich "Mancow" - Chicago-based syndicated radio "shock jock"
  • Nolan, Gary - Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, 2004 Libertarian Presidential aspirant
  • Snow, Tony - Host of the "Tony Snow Show" on Fox News Radio
  • Stephan, Doug - Nationally syndicated radio host of the "Doug Stephan's Good Day" show
  • Stern, Howard - "The King of All Media"
  • Sykes, Charles J. - Author, radio talk show host at WTMJ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Wilson, Brian M. - Radio talk show host, author


Libertarians hosting more talk radio, Libertarian Party News, Sep 1996
"Three new voices have joined the growing chorus of libertarian talk radio show hosts across America. ... Most prominent among the three is Zoh Hieronimus, a long-time talk show host on WCBM in Baltimore, MD. ... two LP state chairs, Wayne Parker in Louisiana and Robert Jones in Arkansas, ... parlayed their Libertarian beliefs into radio programs."
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