Second president of the Advocates for Self-Government
1990 candidate for Governor, Georgia


Carole Ann Rand
at Advocates for Self-Government


President, 1990-1995; Chair of the Board of Directors, Advocates for Self-Government


Carole Ann Rand will run against Bob Barr with focus on the medical marijuana issue, Libertarian Party News, Sep 2002
Drug Warriors in a Dead Heat, by Daniel Forbes, AlterNet, 16 Aug 2002
"After considering some dozen local Libertarians, Crickenberger managed to convince Carole Ann Rand, an entirely respectable, 57-year-old grandmother of eight, to seek office again. The LP's 1990 gubernatorial candidate, Rand received 37,000 votes that year, helping to keep the LP on the statewide ballot, where it's been since 1988. ... In recent years, Rand (wonderful name for a Libertarian) had concentrated her political energies on helping to run something called the Advocates for Self-Government."


The Ear Versus the Mouth