Guitarist and vocalist for the blues group Soledad Brothers

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Johnny Walker - Libertarian
Advocates for Self-Government


Band of Brothers, by Scott Thill, AlterNet, 27 Oct 2004
"... the politically aware outfit name[d] their third release, albeit their first for the major label Sanctuary, 'Voice of Treason,' an obvious swipe at the Bush administration in a highly charged election year. ... 'It was very unpopular with the record labels in the United States,' Walker confides ..."
Blues Brothers: Three guys from Detroit reference revolution and piece it together with blues and punk influences, by Grant Britt, Indy Week, 26 Feb 2003
"What is original in their blues format is the take no prisoners attitude that Walker brings to the stage. ... The attitude and the music has gotten Walker some attention from some high profile musicians. ... Even though he might fool around with the sound, respect for the music and the way it's performed is paramount for Walker."