Opposition to the State
  • Anarchism - Political philosophy that considers government unnecessary and advocates instead a stateless society
  • Nonviolent Resistance - Opposition to statist and authoritarian forces using protests, non-cooperation and other nonviolent methods


Anti-statism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Anti-statism is a term describing opposition to state intervention into personal, social, and economic affairs. Anti-statist views may reject the state completely as well as rulership in general (e.g. anarchism), they may wish to reduce the size and scope of the state to a minimum (e.g. minarchism), or they may advocate a stateless society as a distant goal (e.g. Marxism). ..."


analysis: 1949-1951, by Charles H. Hamilton, The Conservative Press in Twentieth-Century America, 1999
"Chodorov agreed with the goals of fighting communism, and at times he flirted with McCarthyite elements of the Right. Mostly, though, he reminded his readers that the ultimate value was freedom and that they should not squander it in an ill-advised effort to protect it. His point was simply that 'the commies don't count.' The real enemy was statism. To the question of how to rid the government of communists, Chodorov half-seriously remarked: 'Easy. Just abolish the jobs.'"