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    Advocates for Self-Government is a non-profit, non-partisan libertarian educational organization. It was founded in 1985 by Marshall Fritz, who died on 4 November 2008. As of 2017, Michael Sertic heads the organization as its president, and Brett Bittner is the executive director. Chris Rufer is the chairman of the board of directors.

    The organization is best known for popularizing the "World's Smallest Political Quiz", which has been taken online over 23 million times. The quiz uses an adaptation of the Nolan Chart, which does not include foreign policy.

    Authors of content for the Advocates for Self-Government include Alice Salles, Jose Nino, and TJ Roberts.

    The Advocates for Self-Government maintains a database of libertarian-leaning celebrities, trains libertarians to be effective communicators, and, in partnership with Students For Liberty, operates Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) outreach booths.

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