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    Advocates for Self-Government is a non-profit, non-partisan libertarian educational organization. It was founded in 1985 by Marshall Fritz, who died in 2009. As of 2017, Michael Sertic heads the organization as its president, and Brett Bittner is the executive director. Chris Rufer is the chairman of the board of directors.

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    The Advocates for Self-Government
    Sections include: the World's Smallest Political Quiz, campus outreach, Operation Politically Homeless, Libertarianism 101, Libertarian Celebrities, communication workshops and store


    Sacramento, California


    14 Oct - 16 Oct 2005, The Advocates for Self-Government 20th Anniversary Celebration, "Fastforwarding Our Libertarian Future!", in Atlanta, Georgia


    The Advocates for Self-Government ABOUT
    "To attract and persuade people to embrace libertarian principles and to empower libertarians to be highly successful at presenting the ideas of liberty to the world."

    Staff and Associates

    Joseph BastBoard of Advisors
    David BerglandBoard of Advisors
    Ken BissonFounding member, past Chairman, current Board of Directors member
    Walter BlockBoard of Advisors
    Neal BoortzBoard of Advisors
    R. W. BradfordBoard of Advisors
    Barbara BrandenBoard of Advisors
    Harry BrowneBoard of Advisors
    Steve BucksteinBoard of Advisors
    Doug CaseyBoard of Advisors
    Ed ClarkBoard of Advisors
    Michael CloudBoard of Advisors
    Marshall FritzFounder, Board Member Emeritus
    Joseph FuhrigBoard of Directors member, 1985-2003
    John FundBoard of Advisors
    Sharon HarrisPresident, May 1995-May 2015
    John HospersBoard of Advisors
    Hubert JongenBoard of Advisors
    Jim LarkBoard of Directors Member, October 2003- ; Chair of the Board of Directors, May 2009-
    Tibor MachanBoard of Advisors
    Richard J. MayburyBoard of Advisors
    Wendy McElroyBoard of Advisors
    Russell MeansBoard of Advisors
    Vince MillerBoard of Advisors
    Tonie NathanBoard of Advisors
    David NolanBoard of Advisors
    Ron PaulBoard of Advisors
    Robert W. Poole, Jr.Board of Advisors
    Carole Ann RandPresident, 1990-1995; Chair of the Board of Directors
    Andrea RichBoard of Advisors
    Sheldon RichmanBoard of Advisors
    Mary RuwartBoard of Advisors
    Fred L. SmithBoard of Advisors
    David J. TherouxBoard of Advisors
    Clifford F. ThiesBoard of Advisors
    Richard TimberlakeBoard of Advisors
    Jarret WollsteinBoard of Advisors

    Web Pages

    The Advocates for Self-Government - YouTube
    YouTube channel of the Advocates for Self-Government

    Web Pages

    The Advocates for Self-Government Libertarian Celebrities
    List and short profiles of famous or notable libertarian or libertarian-leaning individuals
    Related Topic: Libertarianism
    The Advocates for Self-Government LIBERTARIANISM 101
    Originally a standalone website, now part of; includes introductory video by Marshall Fritz, definitions of libertarian by notable individuals, frequently asked questions and lists of organizations, publications, websites and celebrities
    Related Topic: Libertarianism


    David Nolan: An Appreciation, by Thomas L. Knapp, 25 Nov 2010
    A memorial tribute to Nolan, his chart and his involvement with the libertarian movement
    "As of 2008, Advocates for Self-Government had introduced 11.5 million people to the 'Nolan Chart' through the World's Smallest Political Quiz online (more than 4 million of whom located themselves in the 'libertarian' quadrant of the chart), and countless millions more on the ground through 'Operation Politically Homeless.'"
    Related Topics: Libertarian Party, David Nolan


    The Liberator Online
    E-mail, weekly, free
    "The Liberator Online is for anyone interested in liberty — whether you are a long-time libertarian or just took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and want to find out more."
    The Libertarian Communicator
    Hard copy, annually, 2000-2005
    "As the name suggests, the purpose of The Libertarian Communicator is to help libertarians become more powerful, more effective, more successful communicators of the ideas of liberty. "

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