Monument symbolizing liberty, in New York harbor

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28 Oct 1886, unveiled, in New York Harbor, New York


A Forgotten Day & a Forgotten Country, by Harry Browne, 28 Oct 2003
Reflections on the United States of 1886, when the Statue of Liberty was unveiled, and the current (2003) state
"You're probably aware that the Statue wasn't built in America. ... Foreigners were grateful for America's liberty, because the very existence of such a country as ours meant that someday they might be able to have the same peace and liberty in their own countries. Today, 117 years later, that America doesn't exist anymore — even though politicians love to talk about 'our freedoms.'"
Hollow Woman, by L. Neil Smith, Rational Review, 17 Aug 2004
"The Busheviks had closed the whole thing down ... but reopened the former Bedloe's Island sometime later so the people who own it could pay hefty fees to go out and cramp their necks, staring up at a monument to individual freedom, and open immigration, hijacked by the state."
Liberty's Gilded Door, The Wall Street Journal, 11 Mar 1992
Editorial condemning Hong Kong's actions preventing Vietnamese refugees from taking asylum there and mostly inaction by the George H. W. Bush administration
"For freedom-loving citizens of places such as Hong Kong and the U.S., it would at least be healthier to see some truth in advertising. A good start might be for America to start selling refugee-screening manuals along with all the other paeans to freedom at the bookstore outside the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. It'd be a little embarrassing, but at least it would get the word out that the message on the famous huddled-masses poem at the foot of the statue is history."
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Cartoons and Comic Strips

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