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20th century Canadian-born economist
V. Orval Watts


25 Mar 1898, Vervon Orval Watts, in Walkerton, Ontario


30 Mar 1993, in Palm Springs, California


V. Orval Watts: 1898-1993, by Murray N. Rothbard, The Free Market, Jul 1993
Biographical and memorial essay; also published as chapter 109 in Making Economic Sense (1995) and as preface to the 2008 edition of Watts' Away From Freedom
V. Orval Watts, one of the leading free-market economists of the World War II and post-war eras, died on March 30 this year. When I first met him, in the winter of 1947, he was a leading economist at the Foundation for Economic Education ... Born in 1898 in Manitoba, Vernon Orval Willard Watts was graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1918, and went on to earn a master's and a doctor's degree in economics from Harvard University in its nobler, pre-Keynesian era. After teaching economics at various colleges, Orval was hired by Leonard Read in 1939 to be the economist for the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce ...
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