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  • Labedz, Leopold (Leopold Łabędź; 1920-1993) - Anglo-polish journalist
  • Ladejinsky, Wolf (1899-1975) - Ukrainian-born American agricultural economist involved in federal government controversy in 1955
  • Lamartine, Alphonse de (1790-1869) - French poet, historian and politician
  • Landfield, Harold J. (1925-2011) - American World War II veteran, technical writer
  • Langer, William (1886-1959) - American politician, United States senator from North Dakota (1941-1959)
  • Langguth, A. J. (1933-2014) - American journalist and professor
  • La Piana, George (1878-1971) - Italian-born professor of church history at Harvard Divinity School
  • Lassalle, Ferdinand (1825-1864) - German politician, co-founder of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Arbeiterverein
  • Lean, David (1908-1991) - Oscar-winning English film director and producer best known for several epic movies
  • Leary, Denis (1957- ) - Stand-up comedian, TV and film actor, producer
  • Lee, J. Bracken (1899-1996) - American politician, governor of Utah (1949-1957)
  • Lee, Richard Henry (1732-1794) - Signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, sixth president of the Continental Congress
  • Legge, James (1815-1897) - Scottish missionary and sinologist, translator of several Chinese classic texts
  • Leigh, Vivien (1913-1967) - Hollywood actress, winner of Oscars for Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Lenin, Vladimir (Владимир Ленин; 1870-1924) - Russian revolutionary, leader of Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union
  • Leonidas (Λεωνίδας; -480 BCE) - King and military leader of Sparta who defended, with 300 Spartan soldiers, the narrow pass of Thermopylae against the Persian forces of Xerxes I, dying in the attempt
  • Lepeletier, Louis-Michel (1760-1793) - French lawyer and politician, assassinated just before the execution of Louis XVI
  • Lewis, W. David (1931-2007) - American professor of history
  • Liberman, Evsei (Овсій Ліберман; 1897-1981) - Ukrainian economist, proponent of measures leading to the Soviet economic reforms of 1965
  • Lippmann, Walter (1889-1974) - American journalist and nationally syndicated political columnist
  • Liú Xiàng (劉向; 77-6 BCE) - Chinese bibliographer and historian
  • London, Jack (1876-1916) - American novelist, author of The Call of the Wild (1903)
  • Longa, Guillaume de Lur de - Counselor at the Parlement de Bourdeaux (an appellate court), who preceded La Boétie in the office, and is mentioned twice in the Discourse
  • Louis, Joe (1914-1981) - American boxer, world heavyweight boxing champion (1937-1949)
  • Louis XIV (1638-1715) - King of France (1643-1715), known as le Roi Soleil (Sun King)
  • Lucas, George (1944- ) - American screenwriter and director, famous for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies
  • Lù Démíng (陸德明; 556-630) - Chinese scholar
  • Lù Diàn (陸佃; 1042-1102) - Compiler of the Chinese dictionary Píyǎ (埤雅), courtesy name Nóng Shī (农师)
  • Lǚ Dòngbīn (呂洞賓; 796-1016) - Courtesy name of Daoist scholar Lǚ Yán (呂巖), also called Lǚ Zǔ (呂祖)
  • Lǔ Xī Gōng (魯僖公; -627 BCE) - Ruler of the state of Lǔ from 659 to 627 BCE
  • Lycurgus (Λυκοῦργος) - Semi-legendary political figure of Lacedaemon (Sparta), reputed author of its constitution, in the ninth century BCE