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5 Jun: The Prodos Institute, Inc., International Capitalism Day 2005
20 Aug - 21 Aug: Seattle Hempfest, Seattle Hempfest 2005, in Myrtle Edwards Park, Pier 70, Seattle, Washington
14 Oct - 16 Oct: Advocates for Self-Government, The Advocates for Self-Government 20th Anniversary Celebration, "Fastforwarding Our Libertarian Future!", in Atlanta, Georgia


29 Oct: Joan Kennedy Taylor, in New York City
8 Dec: R. W. Bradford, in Port Townsend, Washington

Conferences and Conventions

21 Jan - 23 Jan: Libertarian Party, Libertarian State Leadership Alliance Conference, in St. Louis, Missouri
4 Feb - 6 Feb: Libertarian Party of Florida, 2005 State Convention & Outreach Expo, in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida
18 Feb - 20 Feb: Libertarian Party of California, Convention 2005, in Los Angeles
19 Feb - 20 Feb: Libertarian Party of Illinois, 2005 LPI Convention, in Springfield, Illinois
4 Mar - 6 Mar: Missouri Libertarian Party, Missouri Libertarian Party 2005 Convention, in Kansas City, Missouri
5 Mar: Libertarian Party of Kansas, 2005 LPKS Annual Meeting/Convention, in Topeka, Kansas
5 Mar: Libertarian Party of Oregon, LP of Oregon Annual Convention, in Salem, Oregon
12 Mar: Nebraska Libertarian Party, Nebraska Libertarian State Convention, in Mahoney State Park, Nebraska
19 Mar: Libertarian Party of Delaware, Libertarian Party of Delaware Convention, in Claymont, Delaware
19 Mar: New Jersey Libertarian Party, New Jersey Libertarian Party Annual Convention, in New Brunswick, New Jersey
19 Mar: Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, Wisconsin LP Convention, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2 Apr: Libertarian Party of Iowa, LPIA 2005 Convention, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
2 Apr: Libertarian Party of Nevada, 2005 Nevada Libertarian Party Convention, in Sparks, Nevada
8 Apr - 10 Apr: Libertarian Party of Tennessee, 2005 Convention, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee
9 Apr: Libertarian Party of Minnesota, 2005 Convention, in St. Paul, Minnesota
16 Apr: Libertarian Party of Massachusetts, LPMA State Convention, in Natick, Massachusetts
22 Apr - 23 Apr: Libertarian Party of New York, 2005 Libertarian Party of New York Convention, in Syracuse, New York
23 Apr - 24 Apr: Libertarian Party of Michigan, LPM Convention 2005, in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
29 Apr - 1 May: Libertarian Party of Indiana, 2005 Convention, in Clarksville, Indiana
29 Apr - 1 May: Libertarian Party of North Carolina, LPNC Convention 2005, in Hickory, North Carolina
29 Apr - 1 May: Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania 2005 Annual Convention, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
12 May - 14 May: FreedomFest, Freedom Fest 2005, in Las Vegas, Nevada
20 May - 22 May: Libertarian Party of Ohio, 2005 LPO State Convention, in Columbus, Ohio
5 Jun: Libertarian Party of Hawaii, Hawaii LP Convention, in Hawaii
10 Jun - 11 Jun: Libertarian Party of New Mexico, LPNM 2005 State Convention, in Los Lunas, New Mexico
24 Jun - 26 Jun: Freedom Summit, NH Freedom Summit 2005, in Manchester, New Hampshire
15 Jul - 20 Jul: Liberty International, ISIL 24th Annual World Conference, in Cologne, Germany
23 Jul - 31 Jul: Free State Project, 2005 Porcupine Freedom Festival, in Lancaster, New Hampshire
18 Oct: Libertarian Party of Connecticut, 2005 Convention, in Andover, Connecticut
11 Nov - 13 Nov: Freedom Summit, AZ Freedom Summit 2005, in Phoenix, Arizona
11 Nov - 13 Nov: Libertarian Party of Illinois, 2005 LPI Nominating Convention, in Springfield, Illinois


20 Jun - 30 Jun: Freedom Cruises, Eighth Annual Libertarian Cruise, in Copenhagen, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, etc.