Co-founder, editor and publisher of Liberty (1987) magazine
R. W. Bradford

Raymond William "Bill" Bradford (28 September 1947 – 8 December 2005), who used R. W. Bradford as his pen name, was an American writer chiefly known for editing, publishing and writing for the libertarian magazine Liberty.


20 Sep 1947, Raymond William Bradford, in Michigan


8 Dec 2005, in Port Townsend, Washington


Advocates for Self-Government, Board of Advisors
Eris Society

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Advocates for Self-Government - Libertarian Education: R.W. Bradford (1947-2005)
Biography, photo, quotes and memorial quotes from others
"Bradford called himself a libertarian since 1963, when he was 'infected by the libertarian virus' after reading a copy of the New Individualist Review, according to an account he wrote in Liberty (September 1992). In 1965, Bradford encountered the writings of novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand; in 1966, he was part of the libertarian faction that split from Young Americans for Freedom; and in the early 1970s, he was involved in the founding of the Libertarian Party."


How We Started "Liberty", Liberty, Sep 1992
Reflections on the fifth anniversary of publishing Liberty
"The first issue of Liberty was published on July 5, 1987. ... I had been infected by the libertarian virus since 1963, when I encountered New Individualist Review. ... The first person I approached was Steve Cox ... I got valuable advice from Robert Kephart, who had launched Libertarian Review a decade earlier; Robert Poole, who had been involved in Reason since its early days; Howard Rich of Laissez-Faire Books, who had explored the possibility of a similar publication ..."
New Zealand's New Zealots, Liberty, Mar 1997
Examines the two New Zealand political parties with libertarian tendencies, including the animosity between them
"If by 'libertarian,' we mean a person who favors radically reducing the power of government, then it is safe to say that libertarians are vastly more influential and prominent in New Zealand than in the United States. New Zealand has two different libertarian political parties: ACT (more formally, the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers) and the Libertarianz."
The Life and Death of Peter McWilliams: Another Casualty Of The War On Drugs, Liberty, Aug 2000
Relates Peter's life from 1996 until his death in June 2000
"As regular readers of Liberty know, Peter, a world famous author and a regular contributor to these pages, was diagnosed with AIDS and non-Hodgkins lymphoma in early 1996. Like many people stricken with AIDS or cancer, he had great difficulty keeping down the drugs that controlled or mitigated those afflictions. He began to smoke marijuana to control the drug-induced nausea. It saved his life: by early 1998, both his cancer and his AIDS were under control."
Related Topic: Peter McWilliams
Voting Is No Sin: Voting no more legitimizes the state than scratching legitimizes an itch, Liberty, Nov 1996
Bill Bradford's response to Wendy McElroy's "Why I Would Not Vote Against Hitler" essay (Liberty, May 1996)
"The power of any state does depend on the opinions of its subjects; if enough of them view it as good or inevitable or too powerful to resist, the state achieves a certain viability. ... In our society, there are many means of convincing our fellows to change their opinions. We can try to educate them. We can try to stimulate others to educate them. We can set good examples by trying to live exemplary lives. We can organize debating societies. We can write books about feminism, or publish magazines. We can do research, or explore the frontiers of social thinking."
Related Topic: Voting
Why Liberty?, by R. W. Bradford, Doug Casey, Murray Rothbard, Liberty, 5 Jul 1987
First (and only) editorial
"The editors of Liberty are a diverse lot. ... two of us (Bradford and Casey) are entrepreneurs and financial advisory writers ... two of us (Cox and Bradford) have supported the LP since its inception but only recently joined the party ... three of us (Cox, Overbeek and Bradford) are Classical Liberals more or less in the utilitarian tradition ..."

Interviews (interviewer)

An Interview with Michael Badnarik: Only minutes after Michael Badnarik won the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination, he sat down for an interview with Liberty's R. W. Bradford, by Michael Badnarik, R. W. Bradford, Liberty, Aug 2004
Badnarik answers questions ranging from basic biographical information to his classes on the Constitution, and in a follow-up, his responses to Fox News, his taxes, zip codes, Gary Nolan and Aaron Russo
"We the people ordained and established the Constitution. We invented government and government works for us. The government has not been responsive to the people. If the IRS is planning to collect taxes they have to determine how those taxes are valid, how you become liable for those taxes."

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