Twelfth broadcast episode of The Prisoner, where Number Six is declared an "unmutual"


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""A Change of Mind" is the twelfth episode of the television series The Prisoner, originally broadcast on [31] December 1967. ..."

Memorable Scenes

Number 6 addresses village crowd to "confess"
Number 6: Fellow citizens ...
Crowd: (cheers and applause)
Number 6: You are cheering me ... you're cheering me. That is a mistake. It is is Number Two you should applaud.
Crowd: (cheers and applause)
Number 6: Until he brought about my social conversion—and believe me, it was him and not your committee—until then I was a rebel ... an unmutual, senselessly resisting this, our fine community.
Number 2: (applauds)
Crowd: (cheers and applause)
Number 6: To borrow one of Number Two's sayings: the butcher with the sharpest knife has the warmest heart.
Crowd: (murmuring, looking at each other)
Number 6: Some of you have resisted in the past, have withheld knowledge which is important to Number Two. Now, thanks to social conversion I want to tell you all something and I trust my example will inspire you all to tell ... to tell ...
(Bell in tower chimes 4:00)
Number 86: Number Two is unmutual! Unmutual! (coming forward from crowd and poiting at Number 2) Social conversion for Number Two! The unmutual!
Number 6: Number 86 has a confession that Number Two is unmutual.
Number 86: Unmutual!
Number 6: Look at him! An unmutual who desires to deceive you all!
Crowd: (chanting) Unmutual!
Number 6: Your welfare committee is a tool of those who wish to possess your minds!
Crowd: (chanting, gesturing) Unmutual! Unmutual! Unmutual! Unmutual!
Number 2: (leaves balcony and tries to make his way through the crowd)
Number 6: You still have a choice. You can still salvage your right to be individuals. Your rights to truth and free thought. Reject this false world of Number Two. Reject it. Now!