Ninth broadcast episode of The Prisoner, where Number Six returns to being a pawn


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"'Checkmate' is the ninth episode of the television series The Prisoner; as its title suggests, the plot centres around a game of chess in which the pieces are humans, directed by a mysterious 'man with a stick'. The chess game has been described as a metaphor for life itself, albeit a somewhat transparent one. Checkmate received the highest viewership of any of the series' episodes on its first UK broadcast. ..."

Memorable Scenes

Number 6 and chess champion (Man with the Stick) discuss the game
Number 6: Why do you use people?
Man with the Stick: Some psychiatrists say it satisfies the desire for power. The only opportunity one gets here.
Number 6: That depends what side you're on.
Man with the Stick: I'm on my side.
Number 6: Aren't we all?
Man with the Stick: You must be new here. In time, most of us join the enemy – against ourselves.