Eighth broadcast episode of The Prisoner, where Number Six is put on trial for acquiring a transistor radio


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"'Dance of the Dead' is the eighth episode of the television series The Prisoner. Number 6 learns that a mysterious Carnival is to be held in the Village. He makes an attempt to escape that night but he is stopped by Rover on the beach. He then collapses due to exhaustion. ..."

Memorable Scenes

Closing arguments of observer, as prosecutor
Observer: It is the duty of all of us to care for each other and to see that the rules are obeyed. Without their discipline we should exist in a state of anarchy.
Number 6: Hear, hear!
Number 2 and doctor observe Number 6 trying out the radio
Number 2: ... Number 6 will yet be of great value.
Doctor: He can't do as he likes.
Number 2: He's an individual and they're always trying.
Observer tries to justify informing on Number 6
Observer: I have my duty.
Number 6: To whom?
Observer: To everyone. It's the rules: of the people, by the people, for the people.
Number 6: It takes on a new meaning.
Observer: You're a wicked man.
Number 6: Wicked?
Observer: You have no values.
Number 6: Different values.