Tenth broadcast episode of The Prisoner, where Number Six plays on the insecurity of Number Two

"Hammer into Anvil" is a television episode of the British science fiction-allegorical series, The Prisoner. It was first broadcast on 1 December 1967. It is one of a minority of episodes in which Number Six makes no escape attempt and in which the Village authorities make no significant attempt to coerce him into revealing information.

Memorable Scenes

Number 2 attempts to confront Number 6 with his "evidence"
Number 2: I know who you are.
Number 6: I'm Number Six.
Number 2: No. D6.
Number 6: D6?
Number 2: Sent here by our masters to spy on me.
Number 6: Sorry, I don't follow.
Number 2: Oh yes. I've been on to you from the beginning. You didn't fool me.
Number 6: Perhaps you fooled yourself?
Number 2: What do you mean?
Number 6: Just supposing for argument's sake that I was planted here?
Number 2: By XO4.
Number 6: XO4? Very well, by XO4. What would have been your first duty as a loyal citizen? Not to interfere. But you did interfere. You have admitted it yourself. There is a word for that. Sabotage.
Number 2: No!
Number 6: Who are you working for, Number Two?
Number 2: For us, for us!
Number 6: That is not the way it's going to sound to XO4.
Number 2: I swear to you...
Number 6: You could be working for the enemy or you could be a blunderer who's lost his head. Either way you've failed.

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