Tenth broadcast episode of The Prisoner, where Number Six plays on the insecurity of Number Two


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"'Hammer into Anvil' is an episode of the 1960s television program The Prisoner. It is one of the minority of episodes that do not deal with Number Six attempting to escape or the Village authorities attempting to coerce him into revealing information. ..."

Memorable Scenes

Number 2 attempts to confront Number 6 with his "evidence"
Number 2: I know who you are.
Number 6: I'm Number Six.
Number 2: No. D6.
Number 6: D6?
Number 2: Sent here by our masters to spy on me.
Number 6: Sorry, I don't follow.
Number 2: Oh yes. I've been on to you from the beginning. You didn't fool me.
Number 6: Perhaps you fooled yourself?
Number 2: What do you mean?
Number 6: Just supposing for argument's sake that I was planted here?
Number 2: By XO4.
Number 6: XO4? Very well, by XO4. What would have been your first duty as a loyal citizen? Not to interfere. But you did interfere. You have admitted it yourself. There is a word for that. Sabotage.
Number 2: No!
Number 6: Who are you working for, Number Two?
Number 2: For us, for us!
Number 6: That is not the way it's going to sound to XO4.
Number 2: I swear to you...
Number 6: You could be working for the enemy or you could be a blunderer who's lost his head. Either way you've failed.