Fourteenth broadcast episode of The Prisoner, where Number Six goes West


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"'Living in Harmony' is an episode of the 1967-68 television series The Prisoner. It differs from most other episodes of the series in that it does not begin with the show's standard opening credits sequence. In fact, in a situation considered somewhat unique for a 1960s television programme, the actual title of the series does not appear on screen until the closing credits, and there it is actually presented in Patrick McGoohan's acting credit as his character's name. This episode was not aired in the United States for the series' initial network run. ..."

Memorable Scenes

Number 6 is brought back after having escaped from jail
Judge: Let justice be done. Order, order. Court in session.
Number 6: What's the charge?
Judge: Against you? None. You were only held in protective custody. You're free to go.
Number 6: (moves aside)
Judge: The people of Harmony against Catherine Johnson. The accused, step forward. You're accused of aiding a prisoner to escape. How do you plead?
Kathy: (no response)
Bystander: But, Judge, you just said he weren't a criminal. He was being held in protective custody.
Judge: She didn't know that.