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Aims to improve education by liberating schools from politics
Alliance for the Separation of School and State

The Alliance for the Separation of School and State, previously called the "Separation of School and State Alliance" is an American organization that argues that parents are responsible for educating their children, and that education is not a legitimate function of government. One of its early supporters was John Taylor Gatto. It was founded by the late Marshall Fritz, who drew a distinction between "public" and "government-run, tax-funded" schools, giving the example that just as a restaurant is a public place, owned and operated by private individuals, so too could a school be operated by private individuals and available to the public. It has about 26,000 members. The group has a declaration stating "I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education" intended for signature by private individuals and public figures. The organization has begun to make inroads into Ontario.

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Fresno, California

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Marshall FritzFounder, President

Websites - Alliance for the Separation of School and State
Sections include education news, the case for separation, a knowledge base of quotations and articles and a blog
This site stands as a legacy to Marshall Fritz, founder of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State organization and pioneer in the field of modern freedom in education.
The goal of separation is best achieved one family at a time.
The brightest future for education begins with you.


The Alliance Story: An Interview With Marshall Fritz, by Marshall Fritz, Tammy Drennan
Topics include how Fritz came to his views, why he thinks government schools cannot be reformed, charter schools, various objections to turning education to the free market and the effects of state/school separation on taxes, the economy and "the church"
Founded in 1994, the Alliance for the Separation of School & State is an organization devoted to educating people about why schooling should be as protected from state interference as religion is. The organization is strictly educational and does not engage in political activism ...
TD: The Alliance concentrates on educating people ..., but it does not work legislatively to achieve separation. Why not?
MF: We're going to need hundreds of organizations eventually to complete this job of separation ... I'm creating a vacuum on the political side ... so we'll bring in more leaders ...
The Separation of School and State Alliance: An Interview with Marshall Fritz, by Marshall Fritz, 3 Jun 1999
Transcript of online chat hosted by Mary Leggewie (creator of and including audience member questions, many asking about ways to support Fritz and the Alliance's efforts
Marshall Fritz is director of the Separation of School and State Alliance, a national organization he founded in 1994 ... "The Alliance" has sponsored four national conferences on the "Separation/ Responsibility" issue. These included talks ranging from "The Coming Exodus: Why Protestants Will Abandon Government Schools" by Joel Belz and R.C. Sproul, Jr. to "Because All Education is Religious, Government Must Get Out" by Howard Phillips; and from "Mere Creatures of the State" by William Bentley Ball to "Drugging Children for Peace and Quiet: ADD and Ritalin Reconsidered" by Peter Breggin.

The introductory paragraph uses material from the Wikipedia article "Alliance for the Separation of School and State" as of 6 Jun 2018, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.