Researchers of the natural sciences
  • Borlaug, Norman - Agricultural scientist, the "father of the Green Revolution"
  • Dawkins, Richard - British zoologist, author of The Selfish Gene
  • Franklin, Benjamin - 18th century American printer, inventor and statesman
  • Milsted, Carl S., Jr. - Physicist, author, libertarian theoretical activist (self-described)
  • Mullis, Kary B. - 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for invention of the Polymerase Chain Reaction method
  • Pauling, Linus - Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1954) and Peace (1962)
  • Ruwart, Mary J. - Pharmaceutical research scientist, author of Healing Our World, 2008 LP presidential aspirant


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"A scientist is an expert in at least one area of science who uses the scientific method to do research. William Whewell coined the word in 1833 at the request of the poet Coleridge. Before that scientists were termed 'natural philosophers' or 'men of science'. ..."