Pharmaceutical research scientist, author of Healing Our World, 2008 LP presidential aspirant
Mary Ruwart

Mary J. Ruwart (born 16 October 1949) is a retired biomedical researcher and libertarian speaker, writer and activist. She was a leading candidate for the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nomination and is the author of the award-winning Healing Our World.

2004 Libertarian National Convention, Keynote speaker

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Mary Ruwart - The Advocates
Biography and quotes
"Dr. Mary J. Ruwart is the author of the acclaimed libertarian book Healing Our World, a widely-praised guide to libertarian ideas. Its unique fusion of spiritual concerns with hardcore libertarian ideas has won it rave reviews."


Charles Johnson on his Many Publications, Libertarian Feminism and Anarchic Individualism, by Charles W. Johnson, Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell, 29 Apr 2012
Topics include the Markets Not Capitalism anthology, some of his essays, his family, his work with Alliance of the Libertarian Left, war, constitutions, feminism, unions, the United States, Murray Rothbard, Austrian economics and the future
"Mary Ruwart's Healing Our World is a good general introduction to libertarianism, and in particular to forms of libertarianism that are closely connected with ecological and social justice concerns. (There's a short excerpt from one of Ruwart's chapters on free-market environmentalism in Markets Not Capitalism, but we hardly had the space there to do justice to the scope of her work.)"
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Total Victory: How Sweet It Is! [PDF], by Murray Rothbard, The Libertarian Forum, 1983
Lengthy account and commentary on the 1983 Libertarian Party presidential convention
"In mid-week, a complete unknown threw her hat into the ring: Mary Ruwart of Michigan, who announced that 'you should vote for me because I am a woman.' ... The cry, 'Mary, Mary' would redound throughout the hall on Saturday. ... on the first ballot, Mary got 77 votes, 15% of the total, and on the second ballot her vote rose to 99."


How I Became a Libertarian, 14 Dec 2002
Part of Walter Block's autobiography series; Dr. Ruwart recounts some key moments in her path to libertarianism and anarchism, from Swamp Fox to Atlas Shrugged to Morris and Linda Tannehill
"Raised as a Catholic, I could not reconcile the concept of ending tax-supported welfare with Christ's admonition to love our neighbors. In considering this dilemma, I suddenly became aware of a pivotal point: although refusing to help others might not be very loving, pointing guns at our neighbors to force them to help those in need was even less so."
Related Topic: Libertarianism
The Indivisibility of Liberty, 23 Apr 2008
Discusses how advocating that others be deprived of some liberties results in negative repercussions on our own liberties
"Liberty requires respect for the personal choices that others make. In the long run, our liberties cannot be maintained if we violate the liberties of others. In trying to control others, we will eventually find ourselves controlled. ... Liberty is indivisible. It's the one thing we can't have unless we are willing to give it others."
Related Topics: War on Drugs, Liberty


Panel Discussion on Minimum Wage, 9 Jul 2014
Debate held at the 2014 FreedomFest between Mary Ruwart and Jeff Waddoups, professor of economics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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