13 Feb: Edmund A. Opitz, in Centerville, Massachusetts
17 Feb: Paul L. Poirot, in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
1 Mar: Harry Browne, in Franklin, Tennessee
25 Apr: Jane Jacobs, in Toronto, Ontario
16 Nov: Milton Friedman, in San Francisco, California


8 Oct: Center for a Stateless Society, in Auburn, Alabama

Conferences and Conventions

21 Jan: Manhattan Libertarian Party, Manhattan Libertarian Party Anual Convention, in Manhattan, New York City
28 Jan: San Diego Libertarian Party, 2006 San Diego Libertarian Party Convention, in San Diego, California
25 Feb: New Jersey Libertarian Party, New Jersey Libertarian Party Annual Convention, in New Brunswick, New Jersey
4 Mar - 5 Mar: Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, 2006 Libertarian Party of PA Convention, in State College, Pennsylvania
5 Mar - 6 Mar: Missouri Libertarian Party, 2006 Missouri Libertarian Party Convention, in Springfield, Missouri
11 Mar - 12 Mar: Libertarian Party of New Mexico, Annual LPNM State Convention, in Rio Rancho, New Mexico
24 Mar - 26 Mar: Libertarian Party of Florida, Libertarian Party of Florida 2006 State Convention, in Boca Raton, Florida
8 Apr: Libertarian Party of Alabama, LPA 2006 Convention, in Montgomery, Alabama
8 Apr: Libertarian Party of Delaware, Convention 2006, in Bear, Delaware
8 Apr - 9 Apr: Libertarian Party of Washington State, Building Tomorrow Better (2006 Convention), in Bremerton, Washington
21 Apr - 22 Apr: Libertarian Party of Virginia, 2006 State Convention, in Charlottesville, Virginia
22 Apr: Libertarian Party of Georgia, 2006 LPGA Convention, in Atlanta, Georgia
28 Apr - 30 Apr: Libertarian Party of Indiana, LPIN State Convention, in Indianapolis, Indiana
28 Apr - 30 Apr: South Carolina Libertarian Party, SCLP Convention, in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
29 Apr: Libertarian Party of Kansas, KSLP State Convention, in Topeka, Kansas
29 Apr: Libertarian Party of New York, 2006 Libertarian Party of New York Convention, in Albany, New York
29 Apr: Vermont Libertarian Party, 2006 Vermont Libertarian Party Convention, in Montpelier, Vermont
5 May - 7 May: Libertarian Party of North Carolina, 2006 State Convention, in Burlington, North Carolina
5 May - 7 May: Libertarian Party of Ohio, State Convention 2006, in Perrysville, Ohio
13 May: Libertarian Party of Michigan, 2006 State Convention, in Chelsea, Michigan
26 May - 28 May: Libertarian Party of Louisiana, 2006 State Convention, in West Monroe, Louisiana
10 Jun - 11 Jun: Libertarian Party of Texas, 2006 Libertarian State Convention, in Houston, Texas
1 Jul - 2 Jul: Libertarian Party, 2006 Libertarian National Convention, in Portland, Oregon
19 Aug: Boston Tea Party, Organizational Convention, in the Internet, United States
23 Aug - 26 Aug: Reason Foundation, Reason in Amsterdam 2006, in Amsterdam, Netherlands
15 Sep - 17 Sep: Libertarian Party of Illinois, Libertarian Party of Illinois 2006 Convention — Sweet Land of Liberty, in Springfield, Illinois
27 Oct - 28 Oct: Mises Institute, Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom: Supporter's Summit 2006, in Auburn, Alabama
28 Oct: Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, LPNH State Convention 2006, in Concord, New Hampshire
1 Dec - 2 Dec: Health Care, Health and Wealth Conference, in Foster City, California


5 Feb - 12 Feb: Freedom Cruises, Ninth Annual Libertarian Cruise, in Fort Lauderdale, San Juan, Antigua, St. Maarten
24 Feb - 27 Feb: Libertarian Party of California, Liberty at Sea '06, to Ensenada, Mexico, in Los Angeles