Editor of The Freeman (1956-1987)


1915, in Illinois


17 Feb 2006, in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania


The Freeman, Editor, January 1956-October 1985


Paul Poirot, RIP, by Gary North, 21 Feb 2006
"Poirot's legacy is a generation of people who learned the basics of free market economics from The Freeman. A few of those articles are still on the web ... Poirot in each issue authorized their reprinting, just so long as The Freeman was mentioned. Today, we call this strategy 'viral marketing.' Poirot understood it early."
The Primacy of Freedom, by Brian Summers, The Freeman, Feb 1988
"... in most cases, people never have been told the basic precepts of the freedom philosophy. For more than a generation, the task of explaining these precepts has fallen largely on the shoulders of Paul Poirot, his colleagues at The Foundation for Economic Education, and the authors and speakers who work with this Foundation."


The Writings of F. A. Harper—A Review, The Freeman, Aug 1979
Slightly amended from the "Introduction" to The Writings of F. A. Harper, published in 1978 by the Institute for Humane Studies, and serving as a review of the "two-volume memorial edition"
"I would not push the illiberal no­tion than any individual is like any other. It is because of our differences that liberty is so vital. But Baldy did adhere to the guiding rule of Soc­rates, 'Know thyself.' He believed with Socrates that goodness is based on knowledge, wickedness on igno­rance. ... Much of Baldy’s life was devoted to exposure of these frustrations of the free market economy and these limitations on freedom. And that is a never-ending task. Fortunately for us, we have his record and example of the ideal of a free man toward which to strive."