"Liberty in Our Lifetime"

Conferences and Conventions

24 Jun - 27 Jun 2004, First Annual "Porcupine Freedom Festival", in Lancaster, New Hampshire
23 Jul - 31 Jul 2005, 2005 Porcupine Freedom Festival, in Lancaster, New Hampshire
22 Feb - 25 Feb 2007, New Hampshire Liberty Forum, in New Hampshire
5 Mar - 8 Mar 2009, New Hampshire Liberty Forum: Many Paths to Liberty, in Nashua, New Hampshire
3 Jan - 6 Jan 2008, 2008 New Hampshire Liberty Forum: Moving Liberty Forward, in Nashua, New Hampshire


Give Them Libertarianism, and a Moving Van: For 4,800 people seeking a bastion of hands-off rule, the most alluring state has the motto 'Live Free or Die', by Seth Stern, The Christian Science Monitor, 17 Oct 2003
Describes the beginnings of the Free State Project, shortly after New Hampshire was selected as the destination state
"Free State Project leaders say they realize that even 20,000 newcomers can't, by themselves, take over politics in a state of 1.3 million people. Instead, FSP organizers envision participants as a core of activists and volunteers, who will join the Lions Club or push for more private-school options long before they ever run for elected office."
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