Motto: Live Free or Die - ratified Constitution 21 Jun 1788

Birthplace of

Daniel Webster, in Salisbury, on 18 Jan 1782

Conferences and Conventions

Freedom Summit, NH Freedom Summit 2005, in Manchester, from 24 Jun to 26 Jun 2005
Free State Project, First Annual "Porcupine Freedom Festival", in Lancaster, from 24 Jun to 27 Jun 2004
Free State Project, 2005 Porcupine Freedom Festival, in Lancaster, from 23 Jul to 31 Jul 2005
Free State Project, New Hampshire Liberty Forum, from 22 Feb to 25 Feb 2007
Free State Project, New Hampshire Liberty Forum: Many Paths to Liberty, in Nashua, from 5 Mar to 8 Mar 2009
Free State Project, 2008 New Hampshire Liberty Forum: Moving Liberty Forward, in Nashua, from 3 Jan to 6 Jan 2008
Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, LPNH State Convention 2006, in Concord, on 28 Oct 2006

Measures of Freedom

Freedom in the 50 States 2015-2016 | New Hampshire | Cato Institute, Freedom in the 50 States
2014: Overall rank: 1, fiscal policy rank: 1, regulatory policy rank: 29, personal freedom rank: 9, economic freedom rank: 5
LP State-by-State Membership Numbers, Libertarian Party News, Apr 2006
31 Dec 2005: Number of Members: 200


Give Them Libertarianism, and a Moving Van: For 4,800 people seeking a bastion of hands-off rule, the most alluring state has the motto 'Live Free or Die', by Seth Stern, The Christian Science Monitor, 17 Oct 2003
Describes the beginnings of the Free State Project, shortly after New Hampshire was selected as the destination state
"... what libertarian wouldn't prefer a state where legislators take such pride in their own thrift that they haven't raised their $100 annual salaries since 1889? ... New Hampshire's small size has forced citizens since the Revolutionary War to work together. The byproduct is perhaps the nation's most accessible government, with local rule by town meeting and a 400-person House, the largest in the country."