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Featured Topics

  • Money - The most commonly used medium of exchange

Notable Topics

  • Magic - Sleight of hand and other illusions
  • Marriage - Formalized consensual and contractual relationships between individuals
  • Medicine - The science and art of preventing, diagnosing and treating disease
  • Metaphysics - Branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality
  • Militarism - A political system influenced greatly by a large, permanent military force
  • Military Industrial Complex - The U.S. military "establishment": the armed forces and the companies and politicians that depend on them
  • Minimum Wage Laws - Legislation that places a lower limit on the prices paid for labor
  • Mining - The business of extracting ores or metals
  • Monopoly - Exclusive control by someone or some group of the means of producing or selling a good or service
  • Music - Classical, jazz, rock, etc.
  • Mutualism - Anarchist doctrine proposed by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon